JOOLA Premium Line blades are created with premium materials and an absolute attention to craftsmanship. Our innovative composite materials are sourced from Japan. Handles, the most important connection to the blade, are imported from Italy. Final assembly, conducted with the utmost attention to detail, occurs in South Korea. We employ hightech manufacturing techniques such as computercontrolled routing, proprietary sanding methods, and unprecedented quality control. What you get when you use one of our JOOLA Premium Line blades will thoroughly impress you!

    The JOOLA Vyzaryz line of blades truly ups the ante for what a table tennis blade can be. We have been able to propel our use of innovative composite materials to new heights by deploying ground-breaking new technologies. Experience Super PBO-C, PBO-C and AL-C like you've never seen before!

X3 Super Composite Weave:

PBO-C creates a larger sweet spot and an incomparable stroke feeling. AL-C adds impressive power. The ground-breaking JOOLA X3 fuses the 2 into a new super-composite directional weave. Horizontal threads of PBO-C create a uniquely consistent playing feel and touch while vertical threads of AL-C extend through the handle to provide stability throughout.


This is a revolutionary way of maximizing the AL-C experience. This innovative technique involves curing and pressing each individual layer of AL-C over a long period of time and at low temperatures. Compared to a normal AL-C blade, you’ll notice this cold-curing technology creates more dwell time and a softer feeling, and produces strong spin shots with a higher arc.

Hybrid Pro-C Combination:

Utilizing PBO-C on one side and Super PBO-C on the other, this hybrid technology allows you to account for the differences in forehand and backhand swings and to customize how you play. Whether you want extra speed for your forehand or a higher flight curve for your backhand, you'll be able to play to your strengths and adjust your strategy for an even stronger performance.